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How it Works

Take a 3-Step Test to Assess your Health

DNA Test

DNA Test

reveals genetic information about an individual, including ancestry, paternity/maternity, and potential genetic health risks.

Complete Blood Count


CBC (Complete Blood Count) and CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel) used to assess different aspects of your health.

Complete Body Scan

Whole Body Scan

Non-Invasive medical imaging procedure that captures detailed images of the entire body's internal structures using techniques like MRI

How the process works

Get a blood test


Get a detailed DNA analysis and other Biomarkers specific to you

Blood Analysis Results


Get a comprehensive blood test to establish a health baseline

Optimize your lifestyle through exercise and Wellness


Use GEL and DOSE to modify and improve your lifestyle

Monitor your health results periodically


Check your progress periodically to monitor your health

Start Your Health Journey

Get a Free Health Analysis and Recommendations with your results

Option 1

Use your Existing Blood Work

  • Available as PDF document from doctor’s portal
  • Upload your latest annual bloodwork
  • Test for a range of symptoms and functions ^
  • Its Anonymous and it’s Free 
  • Your Complete Blood Count (CBC) can be  obtained from your doctor.
  • Use existing Blood test from your last doctor’s visit. Upload it to get an analysis of your health status. Test must be less than 6 months old.
  • Redact all personal information with a black marker to remain anonymous. This lets us analyze your blood test without divulging personal details


Option 2

A Comprehensive Health Check

Use a DNA Test, a Comprehensive Blood Work and Whole Body Scan to obtain a snapshot of your current health status. Submit the results for analysis and recommendations to your lifestyle

i. Get a DNA TEST

ii. Get New Blood Work

iii. Get a Whole Body Scan

  • Self administered swab delivered to your home
  • Test for genetical information and disease susceptibility
  • Necessary if existing is CBC is older than 6 months
  • Test for a range of symptoms and functions
  • CBC and CMP tests provide a comprehensive health overview
  • An MRI scan of your physical body
  • Illuminates skin, internal organs, tissues and scans for disease
DNA Test
Complete Blood Count
Complete Body Scan

Find out where to Test

Submit your email to get a list of our preferred providers. You can choose between visiting a lab or receiving a DIY kit sent to your home.  

Submit Your Test Results

After getting your result, upload them below for analysis – usually takes 7-10 business days.

Synergistic Health from the Inside Out with DOSE

An easy way to understand complexities of the human body


Examines and understands your basic DNA to see how it responds to your surroundings and way of life


Offers simple ways and tools to help you make lifestyle changes that work best with your unique genetic makeup

Overall Health Optimization
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