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Personalized Health for Women

As women cross the 35-year milestone, hormone production often decreases, increasing susceptibility to various health conditions.  However, this risk can be mitigated by embracing a tailored, holistic health strategy designed towards their genetics, environment and lifestyle



3 Fundamentals for Achieving Optimal Health

Reconnect to your natural biological design by exploring how epigenetics can offer insights to better understand and manipulate key aspects  affecting health and well-being. Leverage bio-hacking techniques, and uncover the latent potential within your DNA to enhance adaptability and performance.

dna interpretation for women's health
optimizing health with DOSE



Personalized well-being and performance solution.

DOSE is your personalized roadmap to better health and well-being. It begins with a comprehensive, bird’s-eye view of your lifestyle to pinpoint areas in need of correction or enhancement. From there, it delves deeper, identifying the root causes of your behavioral and health concerns. It is based on the premise that:

Resources to boost your Health

Essential Health Resources to that Support and Boost Your Health, Lifestyle and Performance

Find supplements for nourishment, energy or calm, as well as critical lab tests to that can provide nourishment, energy, calm, as well as data backed lab tests that educate the next step in your health journey


micro nutrient and vitamins to boost personal health
Supplements for Athletic women

Boost Energy and Overcome Fatigue

Sports and Athletic Performance Essential Vitamins for Women

The most complaint amongst women over 40 is fatigue. To overcome this, try the Multi-Vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K, formulated to boost energy and activity and performance 

Optimal Health starts with your DNA

Your DNA is millions of years of old and could hold the keys to evolutionary traits capable of enhancing your adaptation and performance  for today and the future

DNA as the basis of personal health boost
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