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A Holistic Approach to Female Health

By age 35, hormonal production in most women begins to slow down, increasing susceptibility to ailments and disease. This can be mitigated by adopting a holistic framework that optimizes health, based on individual needs.

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3 Fundamentals for Achieving Optimal Health

Women can reconnect to their natural biological design by understanding and manipulating 3 critical areas that impact their health and well-being.

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A Personalized Health Solution for Individual Well-Being and Performance

DOSE is a personalized and systematic approach that analyzes individual health and provides actionable steps to rectify what is broken, while enhancing the advantages hidden in our DNA codes (Bio-hacking), to develop better adaptation and performance.


Essential Supplements that Support and Boost Health, Lifestyle and Performance

In addition to DOSE and GEL, essential accessories can provide critical support to the 10 Human Systems in order to correct, improve and maintain a good state of physical and mental health. Learn what works and why

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Get the Multi-Vitamins A, B, C, D, E & K, formulated for the active woman, who already uses a high performance nutritional regimen, and needs to compliment it with essential nutrients in two complementary formulas.

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Optimal Health starts with your DNA

Your DNA is millions of years of old and could hold the keys to evolutionary traits capable of enhancing your adaptation and performance today

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